And that’s why you keep WordPress up to date

So, less than a week after I passed my security certification exam, my blog got hacked because I hadn’t updated WordPress in a while. Oops.

I decided to move my blog to a host that will make updating my copy of WordPress a little easier (DreamHost, if you are wondering), but all of my old posts are now gone. I could probably pull them over fairly easily, but it feels like a good time to have a fresh start. A lot of that stuff was outdated and useless anyway.

If you are reading this and haven’t updated your copy of WordPress lately, you should probably go do that now.

  1. I’m considering a new host for the same reason. What made you decide on DreamHost?

  2. Spencer Uresk

    I’ve used them for several years now, actually. The main reasons I like them:

    1) You can host unlimited sites for like $9.95
    2) They have a pretty good selection of easily-installable software.

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