Monthly Archives: August 2010

Free copies of my iPhone Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet App

I have an app in the App Store, Simple Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet. It is a simple cheat sheet for fantasy football drafts. Since draft season is upon us, I’m giving away a handful of copies of the app for free (it is usually $0.99). Check it out, and shoot me an email ( if […]

More updates about the Oracle vs Google lawsuit

The text of Oracle’s complaint is available online, here (courtesy of Rick Ross of JavaLobby and dzone). It appears as though the complaint centers around 7 patents and a claim of copyright infringement. Patents There are 7 patent claims, all of which seem to center around virtual machine related concepts: 6,125,447 – Protection domains to […]

Oracle sues Google over Android

I recall a few years back when rumors were swirling about potential buyers of Sun Microsystems. There seemed to be a consensus within the Java community that it would be better for the future of Java for Sun to be acquired by Oracle rather than IBM. Oracle had been a good participant in the JCP […]