Graphical HTTP Client 1.0.7 released

Graphical HTTP Client 1.0.7 was approved on the App Store this week. Here are some of the changes that came with it:

1. Save to File… functionality fixed

2. Support for PATCH requests

3. New cookie functionality

This included a bunch of changes, so I’ll talk a little more about it. In previous versions, cookies were automatically added to the request from the persistent cookie store on your machine. While this was desirable in most cases, it wasn’t very useful when you were trying to test cookie-related functionality. I’ve tried to make changes that preserve the automatic behavior when it is useful to you, while making it possible to customize. Here are the changes:

a. If you add a ‘Cookie’ header, the use of the persistent cookie store is disabled.

b. You can also click on the ‘Cookies’ button to pull up this dialog:








This lets you see all the cookies for a given URL/path that would be sent with the request. You can do the following here:

a. Turn off use of the persistent cookie store for this request.

b. Add cookies to or delete them from the persistent cookie store.

c. Manually select cookies you want to include in the request, and then click ‘Use selected cookies as request header’ to have them put into a Cookie header, which is automatically added to your request.

Hopefully this remains easy to use, but allows more flexibility with how you send cookies. If you have any problems or suggestions to make it easier to use, please let me know.

Next Version

I’ve already made a few small changes for 1.0.8, which should be released later this month. A small, but useful, change will be to use UTF8 for decoding response bodies if the response doesn’t include an explicit encoding. This should make things a lot better for users who work with services that use non-latin encodings and don’t specify an encoding in the response.

Windows Version

I’ve had a handful of requests for a Windows version over the past year or so, and have been considering this a little bit more lately. If you or someone you work with is interested in a Windows version, please fill out this short survey so I can have a little bit more information about interest in a Windows version.

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