Monthly Archives: May 2015

Data Twister 1.0 released

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest developer-focused Mac OS App – Data Twister. Data Twister is a small, but handy, utility for converting data between various representations. You can input data in plain text (UTF-8, or ASCII), Base64, Hex, and others. You can decrypt/encrypt (only AES in ECB mode is supported right now, but I’m working on others) the data, and then output it in various ways (UTF-8, Base64, hashes like MD5 and SHA, etc). Here is a sample screen:







There are lots of web-based tools to do each of these conversions, but having them all in one simple app has been a real timesaver for me as I’ve been using it. It is available today on the Mac App Store for $3.99. Some future enhancements I’m already at work on:

  • More encryption algorithms and modes
  • More input/output types (URL encoded, different text encodings, etc)
  • The ability to have file input/output

I hope you’ll check it out here and let me know what features will be useful for you!