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CloudStudio for AWS now available

I’m excited to announce the initial release of a project I’ve been working on – CloudStudio.

Amazon’s AWS provides a ton of great services, but not all of them have easy UIs for testing and interacting with them. As a frequent user of services like Kinesis and Firehose, I’ve often wished I could have an easy way to push a message onto a stream, or take a peek at messages coming in, so I started building a suite of tools to just do that.

This initial release focuses on Kinesis, Firehose, and SQS. You can send messages to all 3, and you can poll messages from Kinesis, all with a simple and easy-to-use GUI. It is available now for Mac for $9.99, but I’m wrapping up work on Windows and Linux versions in the next week or so as well.

It may be starting out simple, but I have some really big plans to make it even more useful in the near future, by doing things like allowing you to stream to Kinesis from a file, tail an S3 file, and more. I’ve made my roadmap open on Trello, and I’ve added a forum to solicit feedback on what features you want.

I want this to be a really powerful tool for AWS users, so I hope you’ll check it out here and give me some feedback on how I can make it more useful for you.