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ScalaCareers is back up

Just wanted to post a quick (and somewhat belated) note about some work I’ve been doing the past few weeks, putting my ScalaCareers.com website back up and adding some new features. Several years ago, I built it as an experiment with Lift. Then, some months ago, someone (there’s a really good chance it could have […]

Developing with Lift in Eclipse

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog entry lamenting the attitude toward IDEs in the Scala community. A few people told me that the tooling situation was better than I’d implied, so I thought I’d spend a bit of time looking at using Scala (and Lift specifically) in Eclipse. I think the situation is […]

IDEs are not about code generation

There’s been a lot of interesting topics on Twitter, the JavaPosse Google Group, and various blogs recently about the “complexity” of the Scala language and whether it will be the next Java. This isn’t meant to be a post ripping on Scala – I respect the hard work from the talented individuals it took to […]